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Exalting Jesus • Declaring His will • Encountering the Living God


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We believe that the Lord is raising up people with a passion for Jesus who see the value in and desire to give of themselves in the place of prayer.  For some the call will be simply a stirring to seek after greater intimacy with Jesus whilst others may feel called to sacrifice their lives on the altar before the Lord as an intercessory missionary.  We want for every believer to feel that they can participate in our prayer room.

There are three ways for you to get involved in what we do at MHOP:


Come to the prayer room!  It's as simple as just coming and engaging however you feel comfortable, be that sitting doing a bible study, engaging with the intercession whilst pacing the room or by praying on the mic during a time of rapid fire prayer.  All our prayerwatches are open meetings and you are free to arrive and leave during any point of the meetings.  Stay as long as you want or just come for a few minutes!



Serve on a team. We would love for you to serve in the prayer room. If you would like to commit to serving at least once a month as a worship leader, singer, musician, prayer leader or running sound then we'd love to hear from you! Fill out our Team Availability Form and we'll be in touch. Part of the commitment for serving on a team is that you come to at least one 2 hour set for each one you serve in and that you attend a termly team meeting.



Join the Staff Team.  You may want to give a day a week or more to MHOP as part of our prayer room staff.  We believe that this is a valid vocational calling and would love to enable you to walk out in this calling.  Our Internship serves as an "on-ramp" to joining the staff team, teaching you the what and whys to everything we do at MHOP and giving you a taste of what it is like to sow your life in the place of prayer.