An evening with Austin Biel of Catharsis Worship School

We want to invite you to come attend this unique teaching opportunity with Austin Biel.  Whether you are a singer, musician, artist or worshipper you will receive teaching that will equip and release you to worship God in a deeper, more creative way.  

Tickets are £5 and we will be taking an offering to bless Austin so come prepared to give!

Equipped to Pray Conference

We are pleased to host Burning Hearts MinistriesEquipped to Pray Conference. In the world today, it is very important for every believer to be trained and equipped in intercessory prayer. Intercession should be the foundation of all we do in the kingdom. Prayer is that which connects us to our amazing God who is able to do the impossible.

We invite you to join us for this interactive time of learning about and experiencing God's ability to move through the prayers of His people.

You will discover:

-  The Importance of Intercession

-  Effective Personal Intercession

-  Onsite Strategic Intercession

-  Spiritual Warfare in Intercession

This conference is for every believer, not just those who feel called to Intercession.  Whether you are a seasoned intercessor or someone who struggles to maintain a consistent prayer life this conference will equip you, inspire you and ignite a passion in you to pray.

The conference is being held at Mount Chapel in Salford, the venue we use for our Monday Devotional and Justice Prayerwatch.

Running Order -

Friday 6th: 7pm - Registration 7.30pm - Session 1 9.30-10pm - Close

Saturday 7th: 10am - Sessions 2 & 3 1-2pm - Lunch 2pm - On-site Intercession 4pm - Session 4 6pm - Close

We are pleased to offer this conference free of charge and encourage you to invite your friends and family.  We will take an offering to bless Mike and Darla for being with us and to bless their ministry. Please come prepared to give!

About Burning Hearts Ministries

Mike & Darla Bachelder have been active in ministry since 1980, with an emphasis on intercession since 1995. Mike has served as pastoral oversight for intercession and the prophetic ministry for many years and has been involved with ministry overseas. Mike has worked with, led intercession teams, and/or preached in the UK, Japan, Thailand, Cambodia, Spain and Morocco, as well as numerous places in the U.S.

Mike and Darla also have a great burden to see the young adult generation (those in their 20’s & 30’s) set free and released into their ministry and calling. They have a strong desire from God to be a father and mother to this generation around the world as the Lord leads them.

Mike and Darla served as missionaries in Scotland from 2008 to 2011. In seeking the Lord and preparing to return to the mission field, God began to remind them that they have been called to the nations (plural), not just the nation a Scotland. They believe they will always be connected to Scotland but are now open to go wherever God would send them. God has asked them to be “on call” for Him to send to any nation at any given time.

Mike and Darla have been married for 32 years and have raised five children. They are currently enjoying the addition of grandchildren to their family.

Find out more here.

Intro 2012 has started!

We are excited to start the first ever Intro, our 6 month, part-time training program.   We have 4 interns with us until the start of March and we are excited to see what the Lord will do in their lives and in the life of our house of prayer.  Our interns are Dani Higginbotham, Lizzie Bhatia, Sarah Foster and Tsitsi Danga.  They will be involved in the different aspect of our prayerwatches and will be receiving teaching and spending time in the place of prayer.  Next time you're in the prayer room why not say hi to them! We would ask that you pray for them and for Michael and Becci as they bring leadership to the course and will deliver the majority of the teaching on the course.  We believe that Intro will become a vital part of the life and growth of the house of prayer so it is important that we keep it before the Lord, ask Him to bless it and to prosper it and that He would be glorified in it.

Singers and Prayer Leaders - Training 10th September 2011

We are super excited to announce our next training event on 10th September 2011.  This will be a training for all those who are interested in singing at the house of prayer and for any who would like to know the practicalities of prayer leading.We believe that there is power in the combination of worship and prayer which is why our prayer meetings use the Harp and Bowl model.  This training will be really practical, for the singers we'll go through antiphonal singing, why and how we do it, and take some time to practice together, and for the prayer leaders we'll get to prayer lead with the singers and go through some of the reasons we do what we do.

The day will be in 2 parts.  We will spend some time with just the singers from 10am then at 12pm the prayer leaders will arrive and we'll spend the afternoon together, with the singers getting to practice singing with the prayer leaders and the prayer leaders getting to practice with the singers.

This training will be the on ramp to serving on one of the teams at the house of prayer, so if you have previously expressed an interest in serving as either a singer or prayer leader or would like to consider doing so then you will need to have attended this training before you will be put on a rota.

If you plan on coming or if you have any questions then get in touch.

MHOP Team Meeting, Friday 8th July

We are excited to announce that we will be having an MHOP Team Meeting on Friday 8th July. As we look to expand our schedule in the future we want to get to know each other better and cast some vision for the future of MHOP. This meetings for people who are already a part of the team and for those who would like to serve on a team. There may be people who struggle to make it to the Friday meetings who would like to be involved but feel they can't, this meeting is for you too. As we plan meeting on other days/nights of the week it's vital we build a team of people who can serve at times other than the Friday evening meetings. We also want to stress that you don't need to be musical or even someone who wants to prayer lead, if the mandates and the aims of the house of prayer resonate with you then come along, be a part of the team in what ever way you can.

In this hour the Lord is raising up a people who will be like a priesthood, who will offer up their lives on the alter, through prayer and fasting, and we believe that what has begun as 2 hours of prayer every fortnight will grow into night and day prayer that will cover our city and see the the Lord break in to our nation. If you want to be a part of that and serve at MHOP then come along on the 8th.

Time and venue details will be confirmed soon but please let us know as soon as you can if you can make it so we can plan accordingly. Please email us at to let us know if you can make it. If you want to come but are unable to attend on the 8th then let us know and we meet up with you separately.

MHOP Training Day

We are super excited to announce MHOP’s first training day!  On Saturday 4th December we will be unpacking some on the vision for MHOP, the how and why behind what we do, doing some practical prayer leading training and taking the opportunity to pray and worship together for grace, perseverance and  for God to establish His house of prayer.  This training event will be free and available to anyone who wants to come along.  If you feel like the Lord is calling you to serve in the House of Prayer then this training will be vital to catching the heart behind MHOP and beginning the journey into living the lifestyle required to establish night and day prayer in our city. It would be really helpful to know how many people are coming so please let us know by registering for the training.

The training will probably take place at the Parrswood in Didsbury but times and venue are TBC.