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Exalting Jesus • Declaring His will • Encountering the Living God


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Why a house of prayer

Our response to this is to commit to establishing and keeping a sanctuary of night and day worship, where Jesus is exalted with no other agenda than the reality that He deserves it.  



Our assignment from God is to participate in the great commission through faith filled prayers of agreement with His will and His plans.  As we minister to Him as priests He reveals His heart and His plans and we get to partner with Him as we ask Him to release His will and send forth labourers.



Knowing how He feels is vital if we want to partner with Him in intercession.  If we can understand His heart towards us then we can understand His heart for all people.  More than simply sons and daughters, with access to His power, He calls us His beloved, He gives us a name better than that of a son or daughter, He gives us access to His heart.  

Prayer and worship

At MHOP we place a high value on intimacy with Jesus as it is by connecting with His heart that we know what to pray in intercession.  By combining prayer and worship we can create a dynamic environment where our intercession is fuelled by encountering God's love.  This also helps as we increase our schedule, enabling us to facilitate enjoyable (Isa. 56:7), sustainable (Lk. 18:7) prayer.  Our prayer room hours are split into 2 hour sets.  At each set, the musicians play for the whole 2 hours as we flow between worship and prayer.   We have a rhythm to our sets with times of singing scripture, pressing in through intercession and waiting on the Lord.

This isn't a new idea. All throughout scripture we see prayer combine with musical worship.  When David established the priestly ministry at the tabernacle he employed 4000 musicians and 288 singers full-time to minister to God 24/7.  In Revelation 4 and 5 we get a glimpse into the heavenly temple, where God, on His throne, has surrounded himself with unceasing worship and where the prayers of the saints come before Him night and day.  Prayer and worship are meant to go together!

What we're building

MHOP began in 2010 with a vision to establish a permanent place of night and day prayer and worship in the city of Manchester where Jesus would be exalted, His will and plans would be contended for in intercession and it would be a resource to the church in the city, region and nation. 

The Lord has given us specific prayer mandates which serve as some of the main focuses of our intercession.  MHOP’s main focus is on praying for revival in the Manchester area, for the strengthening of the churches and for the hearts of men and women in the region.  Other key mandates for prayer are justice issues such as the restoration of sanctity of marriage and of family, reformation of government and society, and for Israel and its role in the kingdom of God in this hour.

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Our Team

We believe the Lord is calling people vocationally to the place of prayer. Our team at MHOP is made up of our Core Staff, Prayer Room Staff and Prayer Room Volunteers.  Our Core Staff work full-time or part-time for MHOP and split their time equally between being in the prayer room as an intercessor and serving to build the house of prayer. Prayer Room Staff give part-time or full-time hours in the prayer room, as intercessors in the room and serving on teams. Our Prayer Room Volunteers give a number of hours a month to both serving in the prayer room and being intercessors in the room.  Our conviction is that God will bring men and women, young and old from around the nation and the nations to join us in Manchester as we build the house of prayer, we would love for you to join us!  We run our Internship as a way of training and releasing people as effective intercessors in the house of prayer.