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We're Waiting

In November last year, we felt the Lord invite us into a season of waiting on Him. We believe the Lord has significant plans for 2019 and we want to position ourselves to be used fully by Him. So we are laying down our usual schedule and structure and giving this season of time over to sitting at His feet, like Mary of Bethany, to minister to Him and sharing life with one another as family.

We invite you to join us! Come eat with us from 5.30pm on Mondays and then worship and pray from 6-10pm and also Wednesdays 9am-1pm. Don’t feel you need to be there for the whole time, you can drop in and out as you are able. We’ll be at Michael & Becci’s house in Gatley, 295 Hollyhedge Road, SK8 4HH.

Check our social media for any updates, we can’t wait to worship with you.