We are living in a time where sexuality is increasingly being wrongly expressed, used, and exploited. There are the issues of prostitution, trafficking, pornography, abuse, and promiscuity that we see around us, and as this issue burns on the Lord’s heart, He wants to fill us with His zeal to come before Him in prayer for the release of His justice.

Numbers 22-31 tells the story of the Israelites who, after 40 years of wandering in the wilderness, were a day away from entering into the Promised Land. Satan’s tactic was to exploit their sexuality and try and ‘stop’ them entering into the promise of God and the inheritance He had for them, and he did this by sending out seductive women who caused the Israelites to sin and which ultimately brought death into their camp. This was and still is, as we see today, the enemy’s tactic to stop a generation from walking into the promises of God, to cause their hearts to turn from being lovers of God to lovers of pleasure. In that scripture, in the midst of the Israelite camp, we see Phinehas consumed with zeal for God and take a stand. His act of intercession caused the plague to end. God is calling us, too, to take a stand and the time is now!

— Titus 2:14

Purify consists of two main components: 
Purify Prayerwatch and Purify: Northenden

Purify Prayerwatch

The Purify Prayerwatch is a 2 hour intercession prayerwatch, consisting of worship and focussed intercession on the issues surrounding purity e.g. the issues of pornography, prostitution etc.

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Purify: Northenden

Purify: Northenden is our outreach aspect for Northenden and will be our prayers for purity taken out on the streets where we know prostitution is currently operating. We believe there is something incredibly significant about getting up and going out to pray. The Israelites went out to march round the walls of Jericho because they knew that the Lord had promised them a new land but they had to actively get up and go out to partner with Him and His plans through prayer, worship, and obedience. We see our Purify outreach in the same way. By going out and praying we shift the atmosphere and tear down the strongholds of the enemy, declaring God’s goodness and promises and agreeing with the plans that He has to purify our nation.

This will be our starting point but our heart at MHOP is to see those involved in any aspect of prostitution come to know the love of Jesus. As we begin to see breakthrough in prayer, our vision is to love and serve them practically.

To begin with, Purify will happen once a month but our long term goal is to see local Purify outreach groups start around the city so that we see the whole of Manchester covered in prayer for purity and restoration.

We believe that as we press in to these issues in the place of prayer and go out onto the streets to pray, that we will see breakthrough, see the Lord bring His light into the darkness, and see the hearts of men changed. 

If you would like to find out more or if you would like to be involved in Purify then email us at purify@mhop.org.uk.