Day 3: Prayer for Image - Finance and Structure

The current Image office consists of one administrator, one Pregnancy Helpline administrator, two family support workers,  two pregnancy Helpline workers and one main trainer. There are three non office based trainers and a training team for the main course is needed so that the current trainers can move on to training trainers and supervising development across the country. The Helpline team needs strengthening and also the numbers of those who operate from home and the satellite centres in Congleton, Blackburn and Tameside. These workers carry a significant amount of pressure. Chris has been invited back in the Autumn to attend the first Spanish course run by those she has previously trained and is also needing to finalise the Step by Step manual and get it printed ready for distribution in the Autumn. Alongside all of this is the regular work in Manchester with clients locally and also in the area Prisons. Many of these staff have been further burdened by serious ill health themselves or within their families.

Like most ministries, Image is funded by the generous support of churches and individuals in the region and nation who see the God given mandate on Image and value the work they are doing. Over recent years there has been increasing pressure on the finances at Image and we are seeking God to raise up a partnership team around Image, who would sow financially to see the work flourish and grow.

Key verse:

'My daughter shall I not seek security for you that it may be well with you?’ Ruth 3:1

Prayer starter:

You God are Jehovah Shalom. You are God who releases strategy and a knowledge of your ways in battle. The Lord is Peace. You reveal yourself as present and with us in the midst of chaos. You are the Lord who knows the end from the beginning. You Lord smile on those who trust in your name.

We declare that this is a time of change for you and that God is bringing you Image into the blessings of Ruth, that as you make decisions to move forward into the unknown the Lord will release to you capacity to make exceptional decisions and be known as those who bring the exceptional into being for the future. There may be testing in this pioneering but gradually the unknown becomes the familiar which then moves into the gaining of favour and prosperity.  There is great grace for you in this time and encouragement to press on and not look behind or to the past.

We bless you with peace in the midst of change and turmoil as you stand against your culture. We bless you with an overflow of the knowledge of God that causes you to walk in the anointing of His Presence. We bless you with seeing the interventions of God repeatedly in your personal and corporate lives. We bless you with walking in alignment with the ways of God and knowing that He calls you Mighty Warriors but that you do not walk on your own in this calling.