Day 3: National Focus - Purity

We are living in a time where sexuality is increasingly being wrongly expressed, used, and exploited. There are the issues of prostitution, trafficking, pornography, abuse, and promiscuity that we see around us, and as this issue burns on the Lord’s heart, He wants to fill us with His zeal to come before Him in prayer for the release of His justice. God's desire is that what burns on His heart would also burn on ours. It is a joy and privilege to join with Jesus as He intercedes on our behalf before His Father's throne; His desire to see His people walk in purity, righteousness and holiness becomes our longing too - not just to pray for it but to commit to walking in it. 

Numbers 22-31 tells the story of the Israelites who, after 40 years of wandering in the wilderness, were a day away from entering into the Promised Land. Satan’s tactic was to exploit their sexuality and try and ‘stop’ them entering into the promise of God and the inheritance He had for them, and he did this by sending out seductive women who caused the Israelites to sin and which ultimately brought death into their camp. This was and still is, as we see today, the enemy’s tactic to stop a generation from walking into the promises of God, to cause their hearts to turn from being lovers of God to lovers of pleasure. In that scripture, in the midst of the Israelite camp, we see Phinehas consumed with zeal for God and take a stand. His act of intercession caused the plague to end. God is calling us, too, to take a stand and the time is now!

Key Verse:

Jesus gave Himself for us, that He might redeem us from every lawless deed and purify for Himself His own special people, zealous for good works. Titus 2:14

Prayer starter:

You alone Lord are the Holy One. You are without spot or blemish. Your holiness is who you are. Jesus is the only perfect one. You are the Lord who makes us holy. You sanctify us and bring us into Wholeness of spirit, soul and body. You cleanse, heal and restore your people.

We declare that you are raising a generation in the UK and beyond who have come into agreement with your promises and believed your Word and experienced your love such that they are committed to walk in purity of heart. mind and body. You are empowering these ones to detach themselves from the world's values and cling to what is good and keep themselves pure. You Lord are taking back territory yielded through the so called sexual revolution and releasing grace to resist temptation. We do not presume on your mercy Lord but we come by the blood of your Lamb.

We bless all in this generation to know the joy of transferring their vision for purity to the hearts and spirits of others. We bless them with grace to impart these values deep into the being of those they influence. We bless each one to draw others into the alignment of God's design...spirit, soul and body in that order. We bless those working in sexual health agencies and forums to be productive and effective in their care and the wisdom released through their work, especially to young people.