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Help us get ready.

In 2011 we received a prophetic word that The Message Trust would give MHOP a building and we would “exploit their contacts”. Now, in 2019, we are seeing this word come to pass as they prepare to build us a purpose built prayer room on their site in Sharston and encourage churches and ministries to partner with us and what we’re building. By mid-November (hopefully) MHOP will be starting a new, fuller schedule in our own building!


As we plan to move to a schedule of 40 hours of corporate prayer a week (about 4 times our current schedule) we would love to invite you to be a part of the journey!


The Message are going to provide us with a beautiful space and we need your help to fill it. We need to purchase PA equipment, instruments, chairs and tables, to name a few things. One of our key values at MHOP is enjoying intimacy with the beautiful God and how we design the prayer room plays a really important part in this. We want to create a space where the human heart is inspired to engage with beauty of Jesus. Art, creativity, design, all can be an expression of worship and we want all of MHOP, our values, our meetings, our community and our building to be an expression of worship.


We are looking to raise £15,000 to outfit the building, would you help us get ready?


Along with the cost of the fittings there are new ongoing costs that come along with increasing our schedule. To implement 40 hours of corporate prayer will cost about £16,500 each month.