Why night & day worship and prayer?

The most important thing to know about Manchester House of Prayer is why we do what we do.  It’s Jesus. Simply, He's worth it (Rev 5:12). We resist letting our focus be anything else.  Whether it’s in heaven (Rev 4:8) or upon the earth (Ps 117:1), day or night (Ps 134:1), Jesus’ desire is that hearts would respond in wonder to His glory.  Our response to Him is to commit to establishing and keeping a sanctuary of night and day worship, where Jesus is exalted with no other agenda than the reality that He deserves it. That is the heartbeat of everything else we may or may not do.

But isn't there so much to be done?

Absolutely.  We live in an age and culture that desperately needs to hear the gospel (2 Tim 4:5).  But so often the urgency of what is needed is so much more compelling than His grace, and we respond in our own strength.   We can't be so busy working for Him that we stop looking to Him! In the midst of the noise there is a still small voice (1 Kings 19:12) challenging us: how can we bear Him witness to the world unless we’ve really found Him more compelling?  So we need to settle this question in our own hearts first: Is He worth it?

Switch off from the noise, even just for 5 minutes today, and let your heart be moved by God. Just stop and listen - for no other reason than you know it delights His heart to have your attention.