What is the role of MHOP in the city?

In partnership with local churches and ministries, we want to serve everything God is doing in this city by putting prayer at the very heart of it - bringing unity to the many wonderful and distinct expressions God has gathered in this global city.  Since 2010 this is what we’ve been doing with our small but diverse team, each of us rooted in our own church traditions and expressions. Our conviction is that God will bring men and women, young and old from around the nation and the nations to join us in Manchester as we build the house of prayer.  Altogether we want to resource every believer, family and church in the city to see the fullness of God's purposes for this region from the place of intimacy with Jesus.

How can I get involved?

We would love for you to be part of what God is doing here as He builds His house of prayer.  Whatever your gifts - whether you’re a musician, singer, worshiper, intercessor, mobiliser, fundraiser, messenger - there are many roles within the house of prayer for you to serve or be served in your ministry.  

If you can, come along and pray with us - the prayer room is for the whole people of God including you.

Whether or not you can join us in the prayer room, you can be a part of what is happening by partnering with your finances.  The house of prayer is being built by those who share our vision and respond by giving, whether it is in their prayer, their time or their money.  

Finally, we always offer opportunities for training whether that’s to join our team or to impact your own area of ministry.  Our exciting internship programme is a wonderful opportunity to immerse yourself in the House of Prayer, receiving biblical and practical training in the context of the prayer room and a community of believers dedicated to night and day prayer.  

Is God calling you to get more involved?