What are we waiting for?

Of course in the traditional calendar this advent season is a time of waiting for the arrival of our saviour Jesus Christ, revealing Himself in the flesh, heralding the breaking in of God's Kingdom here on the earth. He broke in from Eternity, outside of time, and entered our time frame, in a moment in time. That is now history. But for now, if we align and agree with God's word, in spirit and in truth , we no longer have to wait. He has already broken into our own life and been born within our spirit.

That seed of the spirit however does not lie dormant within us like a cyst or a ganglion on the wrist. It is living and active more like a baby growing in the womb. If our body is a temple this new life is like a cleansing agent working in every nook and cranny to transform and renew us. The active ingredients of this cleansing agent are faith, hope and love....and the most powerful of these is love.

So are we still waiting for Love to break into our lives?

I may say I know the love of God and that would be true but have I known it enough to allow it to overcome my culture? Has it overcome my british reticence, my british passive aggression, my british reliance on ''them'' having the right answers? I would confess that these qualities align me with political correctness not my God given identity.

If God had kept himself to himself we would be stuck in Advent for ever.....''always winter and never Christmas'' like in Narnia.

Some might say as we look at our national landscape currently that we are in something of a winter season. High suicide rates in young men driven by despair, high abortion rates driven by lonely frightened young women, increasing assisted suicides in the terrified and pain ridden elderly, confusion and uncertainty and even hatred around foreign involvements and immigration, escalating gender confusion and entrapment. Our cultural landscape is not filled today with abundant life.

Yet in this apparent culture of ''death'' there are still healthy roots. 

I have been part of allowing a dying of truth, silence while people were being robbed of their value, worth and true identity and the death of love and honour as it has become replaced by audit, number crunching and government by finance.

Yet in our roots there is a different culture.  In our roots is God's life. In that spiritual seed planted in your temple is a voice crying out for righteousness to arise. It's God's voice calling to you. 

I believe Jesus is saying to us individually and culturally...Please do not remain silent, Please do not allow yourself and others to be robbed of life, please do not allow others to decide your destiny, your future and even your identity. Please let me break in to your culture of death and bring life.

He will overcome death through us not by our being aggressive or even assertive but by being confidently assured of His presence with each one of us to be the head and not the tail, to lean into the power of His love and to be directed forward by the shepherd whether He asks us to speak or be silent and still.

You do not need to wait till Christmas. He is with you right now. 

Join us on 8th Jan 2017 at Life Prayerwatch and declare life over this city and our nation.

Sara is on staff as an intercessory missionary at Manchester House of Prayer.  Her desire is see the church in Manchester walking in unity and to see every believer experiencing deeper intimacy with Jesus.  Sara is developing our community meals and our Life Prayerwatch.  She also serves in the prayer room as a singer and a prayer leader.