...the end of a week or the beginning?

Being blessed with something of a butterfly mind is both a strength and a weakness.

In former days of youth and high energy the Lord released me to multi task for days on end and keep all my fingers on many pulses, both literally and metaphorically.. With the insistent ebb of passing years and the full flow of legitimate distractions I find my ability to sustain whole hearted uninterrupted focus on topic in prayer times is currently inconsistent. My mind wanders!

Hence the development of a Prayer Guide for our recent week of prayer for life was a joy. It not only drew in my attention to some of the background history and facts behind the issues over which we were seeking to hear from the Lord but it brought His mind to me through the searching of scriptures in preparation. The Spirit of the Lord hovers creatively over His Word and over His children. It felt as though something fruitful was being formed as we all moved through to the conclusion of the week with common heart and mind. It was encouraging to us all to hear of similar experiences from a large number of others. Many said they would continue to use the Guide into the future to keep these topics in the forefront of their hearts. As we pray scriptures and proclaim truths the Lord is faithful to fulfil His Word.

This after all is one of the foundational principles on which our Intercession in the House of Prayer is based. As we speak out and pray the Apostolic prayers we find ourselves unified by the Word of God which He will never deny. As we repeatedly speak back these God given prayers to Him we can trust that He is not only unifying our language but also our hearts with one another. Even more profoundly is He not only unifying us one with another but He is aligning our hearts and minds with Himself and forming a Bride from our unformed lives..

If you have found yourself hesitant to use prayer lists and prayer guides because they are not based on spontaneous individual rising up of prayer from within you may I encourage you to ponder again on their value.

If these aids enable us to stick on task with the assignment the Lord has entrusted us with then lets take them up with zeal. If this simple tool ushers us into right alignment with the Sovereign Lord and with His people then lets use them. Let's surrender our butterfly wandering inconsistent minds to His Word and the tools for equipping that He has gifted us with and be enlightened as we reach into the Spirit and fly with the Spirit of the Living God throughout nations, hovering over darkness in all its forms and shine the light of His Presence His Hope, His Love and His faithfulness and watch it break into each and every issue to which He points us..


Sara is on staff as an intercessory missionary at Manchester House of Prayer. Her desire is see the church in Manchester walking in unity and to see every believer experiencing deeper intimacy with Jesus. Sara is developing our community meals and our Life Prayerwatch. She also serves in the prayer room as a singer and a prayer leader. 

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