Keeping prayer central to everything

Actually, keeping Jesus at the centre!  Whether our primary work is intercession or hands-on ministry we can't lose our focus on Jesus (Col 3:17).  We simply can't rightly interpret His will if we have never encountered His Heart (Acts 13:22). But if we truly learn to abide in His love then we can ask whatever we will (Jn 15:7) - apart from this we can bear no fruit (Jn 15:5).  Everything we do needs to flow from intimacy with Him (Rev 2:4) - that's what we want to call every believer to.

How do we stay close to his heart then?

There's no shortcut to a lifestyle of prayer.  That might look different to each one of us, because our relationship with Jesus isn't something we can just do outwardly (Mt 6:5).  It's so easy to read His word and know it, but His love surpasses knowledge (Eph 3:19)! Like Mary of Bethany (Lk 10:39) we need to choose to sit at His feet long enough for Him to move our hearts.  Don’t be put off if that sounds like hard work - God promises to make our prayer joyful (Is 56:7)! If at times our prayer feel empty (Ps 63:1), only persevere and Jesus always breaks through with the most intimate joy (Ps 63:7).  

Even today, take hold of a verse from His word and treasure it in your heart - repeat it throughout the day and speak it out to Him. Ask Him to write it upon your heart until you really encounter His Heart.