He Himself is revival

When the Holy Spirit touched my life a few decades ago I had not understood that I was experiencing a personal revival. My lover said to me 'Rise up my beloved , my fair one, and come away. For the winter is past and the rain is over and gone’ (Song 2:10) In that time of powerful personal encounter, the Holy Spirit enabled me to receive the Life of Jesus Christ on the inside and opened the door in my spirit to begin learning that He is Love. Your love is sweeter than wine. How right that the young women love you! (Song 1:2b, 4b)

My lover said to me, ‘Rise up my beloved, my fair one, and come away.’
— Song 2:10

At just the right time He awakened my spirit to the reality of Jesus. 'I want you to promise ,Oh women of Jerusalem, not to awaken love until the time is right’ (Song 8:4) Since that time Jesus has unceasingly given me opportunities and encouragement to enlarge the dwelling place within my heart for the One whom He had placed within me. 'Take me with you. Come let's run’ (Song 1:4a)

Whenever I heard true revival preached or prayed I would experience an inward surge of vision, encouragement, hope and joy. It stirred from a place within me which resonated with the spoken truth and that was a place where I knew He now dwelled. 'Rise up my beloved , my fair one and come away’ (Song 2: 10) But my very British flesh kept closing it down and covering it over. The culture had trained me well to submerge and suffocate my heart, to ignore or even disown my inner responses. 'I am dark....Don't look down on me....Now see what it has done to me..’ (Song 1:5-6) The Lord walked with me faithfully as I pursued the dismantling of these personal and cultural strongholds of the flesh. They had grown, like prison guards around my vulnerable heart ,from seeds sown in the pains of rejection, control, fear and judgment. They were like fleshly watchmen preventing spiritual freedom breaking out. 'The watchmen found me as they were making their rounds, they struck me and wounded me. The watchmen of the wall tore off my veil’ (Song 5:7) As the truth of His love grew and deepened within me He opened my eyes to the power of His intimate presence and the reality that He alone brings abundant life.

One of those 'eye opening' moments was at a Prayer Room training day. As I took my turn in nervously singing out what the Lord had revealed to my heart, together we developed that revelation and as we chose to trust Him in the process His Spirit came and filled my heart again. 'Awake, north wind! Come south wind! Blow on my garden….' (Song 4: 16) He replanted fresh seeds in my heart of thirst for his Presence during that short, amateur and unprofessional but fun time of true worship. The Lord wants our encounters to stay fresh and real.

Revival happens when the Lord visits his people with a fresh touch. He is waiting for us today if we will pursue His presence. Come and rest in His presence as you join us in the Prayer Room. Lean into Him. Abide in His presence and His glory. Worship Him and see Him visit you. He alone is Revival. 'Who is this coming up from the desert, leaning on her lover’ (Song 8:5)

Join with us to pray for every believer in this City to encounter again Him who is Love, and to live out their calling in the intimacy of His presence.