Fast for breakthrough, 4-24 August 2014

As you may have heard, we are calling a 21 day fast in August and inviting you to join us as we seek breakthrough in our own lives, for MHOP, for our city and our nation.  

We are calling this fast as a response to to what we believe is a prompt from the Lord to be diligent and persistent in seeking after the promises He gives us. Specifically for MHOP we are seeking breakthrough in our finances and a building to be based from.  

I believe Mark 5 gives us an encouragement for this season.  From verse 21 we see Jairus fall before Jesus and beg for Jesus to come lay hands on his daughter who is dying.  Importantly, Jairus was full of faith and absolutely believed that if Jesus could get to his daughter and lay hands on her she would be healed.  As a leader in the synagogue, Jairus' decision to come to Jesus will have cost him something, but he counted the cost and knew that faith in Jesus was more important than his pride or his standing amongst men.

Next we see the journey to Jairus' house. Try and picture Jairus' emotions: still full of concern for his daughter but now also full of hope that Jesus is coming to heal her.  But all of a sudden Jesus stops and begins to talk to a woman, declaring her healed.  Whilst Jesus is stopped and speaking to the woman, Jairus finds out his daughter has died and there is no point bothering Jesus any more.  Imagine the heart break of believing you're on the journey to see Jesus bring healing/breakthrough only to see someone else get theirs instead whilst being told it's over for you.   I believe this is how a lot of people feel, as though others are receiving breakthrough, healing, blessing and our dreams and desires seem to slip away.

But hear Jesus' words to Jairus, "Do not be afraid, only believe." This is to be our position, from the moment we seek Him, through the waiting, until we see the fulfilment, with no fear but full of faith.

Jesus continues to Jairus' house, removes the mourners from it and then does what Jairus asked Him to do, takes the girls hand and heals her.

The reason I believe this is important for us right now is that it speaks of maintaining diligent perseverance and faith that God hears our prayers and will fulfil His promises.  It reminds us to keep our eyes on our own journey, not to be concerned with what the Lord is doing in other people lives and not to be discouraged from following the path the Lord put before us.  

I hope this encourages you and fills you will faith as we begin this fast together.  We've put together a helpful fast prayer guide which gives a focus and bible verse for each day of the fast for you to use in your daily prayer time.  You can use the guide if you find it helpful or take the 21 days as you feel led.  

It's always good to know who you're fasting with, so if you plan on joining the fast let us know by emailing or clicking the button below.

In Him,

Michael and Becci