Being Positioned For a Move of God (part 2)


Last month I wrote about all that we have felt the Lord is doing in the nation and the nations (you can read about it here). As a staff team here at the house of prayer we have felt an increasing sense that the Lord is looking for His people to respond to Him and position themselves well so that we can fully participate in all that He has planned. We have felt this with increasing urgency over the last month and as a result have made the radical decision to completely shift our schedule for the next few months.

We believe this is a critical time for the church, a time where we must be willing to stop what we are used to doing and commit to listening to Him and making room for Holy Spirit all while focusing on intimacy with Him and responding to His worth. As such we have decided, until Christmas, to stop all that we are used to doing and simply commit to meet, to worship and to pray; with no rotas, no models and no agenda, other than to exalt Him and pursue Him. For us this is a radical step of faith and obedience. Every prayer meeting we have run for the last eight years has had a structure, a focus and we have worked from a model and whilst none of those things are bad or even wrong we felt challenged for this season to lay aside those things and go after the one thing.

So, from now until Christmas our schedule will look like:

Monday Nights
@ 295 Hollyhedge Road, SK8 4HH

5.30pm - Community Meal. We’ll provide the food, you bring yourself
6pm-10pm - Worship and prayer

Wednesday Daytime
@ 295 Hollyhedge Road, SK8 4HH

9am-1pm - Worship and Prayer
2pm-3pm - Meditation/Teaching

All our prayer and worship times will continue to be “drop in” style, so you can come and go and stay as long as you like.

It’s hard to put into words all that we hear the Lord saying to us and all we are believing for, so if you have any questions please do drop us an email at or come join us and ask us over a coffee! We hope that you are equally stirred by what the Lord is doing and would encourage you to join us on this journey! He is worth it!!

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