Being positioned for a move of God

There is a stirring of the Spirit in our nation and the nations which is both exciting and demands our attention.  Over the 8 year history of MHOP we have seen first hand the explosion of the prayer and worship movement in the earth and watched as God has answered the prayers of the saints for the region, nation and nations. We are hearing stories of people being drawn to churches and giving their lives to Jesus, healings and miracles happening, and people experiencing the liberating Spirit of God.  Jesus told us to be aware of the times and seasons and our heart at the house of prayer, as watchmen for the region and nation, is to see what is happening and discern how we respond.

The Lord has been speaking to many organisations and churches about preparing for s new move of God.  For some it looks like laying things down in preparation for something new (Jn 12:24), for others it looks like a course correction.  

At IHOPKC they have heard the Lord calling them to make significant changes, specifically with regards to their annual Onething conference.  You can read what Mike Bickle has to say about it here. Having spent a few days with leaders of houses of prayer in the UK it seems there is a growing sense that it is no long time for "business as usual" and we must respond to both the growing crisis but also the growing move of the Spirit.

Michael & Becci Ball, who lead our house of prayer have felt stirred and prompted by the Lord to go to this years Onething conference and participate in the Leadership Summit (the last one to be held in KC) and we want to invite you to partner with them as they raise the fund to go. 

We really believe that God has something new and significant for our city, region and nation and believe that sending Michael & Becci to Onething this year will form a valuable part in positioning our house of prayer to fully participate in all that God has for us. They are looking to raise between £1,500 - £2,000 and we see this as an opportunity to invest in the both the house of prayer and the church in the region.   If you would like to, you can give to them at Also, UK tax payers will be able to give gift aid, helping your gift go further.

We appreciate you all for your interest and involvement in the house of prayer and look forward to furthering the kingdom together!

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