Monday 26th February, 7.30 at Wythenshawe Community Church

The Freedom Session is an evening of worship and prayer to equip and encourage those fighting for social justice issues in the city of Manchester. Training the Church to strategically pray and intercede for justice and freedom is a core part of our mission of a House of Prayer. This evening will also serve as an introduction and invitation to join us in a week of corporate prayer for justice. 

We have invited Esther Swaffield from IJM to come and share with us about some of the incredible work that IJM is doing in this country and in the nations. Then we will have a time of worship and intercession to introduce people, churches and charities into what it could look like to corporately contend for justice in their own homes, workplaces, organisations and cities. 

We believe that God has given us the authority and invitation to partner with him in praying for His will to be done and his Kingdom to come. We can wholeheartedly declare the truths and promises he has provided in and through the word, over every situation and cry out with hunger and expectation for His Justice and His intervention. As a group of burning hearts for justice and freedom, we can corporately join with one voice and accord, in spirit and in truth and start to see a spiritual and physical change. 

Whilst some of this may be new to you, we hope that this evening will serve as a re-awakening and encouragement to see fellow brothers and sisters coming together for one thing. We hope that for all, it will serve as a commissioning of faith for day and night prayer throughout the week and hopefully, the rest of your lives.


Prayer for Justice

Join us in a week of prayer for justice.  From the 27th February - 4th March we will be praying for both the nation and specifically for IJM.  To help you pray constantly and effectively we have prepared a prayer guide which we hope will be a blessing to you not just in this week of prayer but in years to come as you continue to seek His justice in our nation and the nations.


About IJM

International Justice Mission protects the poor from violence throughout the developing world whose vision is to rescue thousands, protect millions and prove that justice for the poor is possible.  They are a global team of lawyers, investigators, social workers, community activists and other professionals. They protect the poor from violence in nearly 20 communities throughout Africa, Latin America, South and Southeast Asia, and 95% of us are at work in our own countries.

They work would be impossible without the partnership of local law enforcement and justice system officials, aftercare professionals, NGOs, churches, students, parents, friends and scholars standing together to protect the poor from violence.