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Exalting Jesus • Declaring His will • Encountering the Living God
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There are many times throughout the Bible that God tells us to know the times and seasons.  One sign that God is about to do something is the removing and the raising up of spiritual leaders and of political leaders. We see this in Daniel 2, Isaiah 6, and Joshua 1 to name a few.  

Before the general election in 2010 there was a feeling in the nation that new leadership was coming and we felt the opportunity arise to fast and seek the will of God for the nation, believing that we would see a significant shift.  We fasted and prayed (as many across the nation did) and the result was a coalition government, led by the Conservative party, the first time a coalition government has resulted directly from an election outcome.  

Since the 2010 general election we have seen huge changes to the landscape of our nation, in every sphere.  One of the most significant things to have come out of the 2010 general election was the EU referendum of last year, a direct result of David Cameron coming to power.  

Seven years later, we find ourselves unexpectedly in the position to vote again on the leadership of the nation and, in the same way we did in the lead up to the 2010 general election, there is a clear sense that we have an opportunity again to seek the will of God, that His plans and purposes would be out worked in the UK and, as a result, across the earth. For this reason we would like to invite you to join us as we fast and pray for the nation during this election period.

We are not praying primarily for the election itself, this is not a politically motivated action, we are seeing the election as a sign from heaven that there is going to be a shift and we are fasting and praying that the coming shift would be used to bring God’s Kingdom to Great Britain, that He would raise up a people that would stand and preach with power, that would move as they did throughout the book of Acts with signs, wonders and miracles and that we would see a vast harvest of souls into the kingdom.  We are coming before the creator God, and boldly asking for revival in our land because we are desperate for Him to breakthrough in our lives, in our cities, our nation and our world.

About the fast

We've decided to call a slightly different fast than we have before.  Whilst we are calling a 21 day fast, 14 days will be before (and including) the date of the election with the final 7 days of the fast after the election.  This gives us the opportunity to both seek the Lord during the lead up to the election but also give time to thanks giving for all that He is doing.

26th May - 8th June

In the lead up to the election we will intercede for our nation, that God's will would be done, that the nation would turn to Him, and that He would break in with power.  

9th June - 15th June

After the election we will pray with faith and thanksgiving in our hearts, believing that, although we may not see it, His will is being done and we will see the fruit of our intercession.  We will also have the opportunity to pray for the result of the election and dedicate our government to Jesus.


Join the fast

We would love for you to join us as we fast for the nation.  How you choose to fast is up to you but it is always encouraging to fast with others.

If you would like to join us in the fast then fill out this form to let us know.  We may email out some encouragements during the fast and share anything we feel the Lord is saying.  Also, if the Lord shares something with you during the fast we would love to hear it!  You can email us at

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Fasting Advice

Whilst we would love for you to join us as we fast, it is important to consider why and how to fast.

  • Firstly, fasting is always a choice, it is never mandatory.  
  • Secondly, we have decided not to dictate what or how to fast.  You may choose to fast all food and drink only water, you may choose a liquid fast that includes juices, you may close a Daniel fast and eat only vegetables, the choice on what and how you fast is up to you, in cooperation with Holy Spirit.  It maybe that for health reasons you don't fast food but choose something else to fast.  Whatever you decide, make a commitment before God and stick to it.  If at some point during the 21 days you mess up, simply hit delete and continue with the fast.  
  • If you are under 16, make sure you have parental permission to fast.  It is best for children to avoid fasting food, so it may be a media fast or similar would be more appropriate.
  • It is often helpful to fast with others around you, so you have support.  Let your pastor or small group leader know you are fasting so they can help keep you accountable.

For more help with fasting, check out IHOPKC's fasting guidelines.