Training Day - 28th June 2014

Our last training day was a real success and we're really looking forward to our next one.  

Our training days are designed to be a helpful balance of learning the theory behind what we do with practical experience, actually getting to try the things we've been talking about.  We'll go through the Harp and Bowl model that our prayerwatches are based on, explaining how we combine worship with prayer so that our intercession is fuel by intimacy. 

We would love for you to join us!  The training is design for those who are on the team currently, is an on-ramp to joining the team for people who are interested but is also open to anyone who's interested.  We've had people do trainings who are thinking about starting houses of prayer, people looking to develop prayer within there churches and people who simply want to develop there own personal prayer life.

Michael Ball

Husband, Father and Intercessory Missionary.