MHOP UPDATE: October 2012

September was a busy month for us at MHOP, we turned 2 years old, started INTRO, our first internship program and took a small team to minister to some houses of prayer in Ukraine.  We also launched two meetings which so far have gone under the radar, until now!  We also wanted to tell you about an opportunity to support one of the churches who provide us with a building each week...for free.

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New MHOP Devotional Prayerwatches

In September we launched 2 new meetings in our schedule.  On a Monday from 6-8pm at Mount Chapel and 6-8pm on Friday at Coverdale Baptist Church we have what we call devotional prayerwatches.  A devotional prayerwatch (devo) is designed to enable those who join us to engage with God however they should chose.  We have a worship team leading us for the whole time will a mixture of known worship songs, spontaneous choruses and prophetic singing and music which creates an atmosphere in which engaging with the Holy Spirit is enjoyable and easy.  You are welcome to come and join with the worship team, or do your own private bible study or devotional time or to pray through your prayer lists.  Essentially, our devo meetings are for you to take two hours out of your week and encounter God.  You could even build the devos into your weekly "quite time" schedule.  As with all our meetings, the devos are open for anyone to come to, so please do join us and if you want you can stay on for our 8-10pm meetings.  If you want more info about our new devo meetings then email us.[/one_half]


Mount Chapel, Building Refurbishment Gift Month

Since May this year MHOP has held our weekly Justice Prayerwatch at Mount Chapel Christian Fellowship in Salford.  In September they allowed us to both increase our schedule by a further 2 hours and let us use their building on Monday afternoons for our internship.  What makes this even more amazing is that they let us do all this for free.  They truly are a blessing to us and we wanted to both honour them before you all and also ask you as part of the MHOP community to consider supporting Mount Chapel as they look to raise finances to refurbish their building. Mount Chapel are looking to raise £100,000 to do essential maintenance and refurbishment work to the building, including a complete re-wiring, new heating system and various emergency and fire safety updates along with redecorating and refurbishing the ladies' toilets. We would ask you to prayerfully consider how you can support them as they look to raise this support over the month of October (they won't turn away gifts after October though!).  If you are a UK taxpayer your gift can gift-aided so that they receive more for the government. If you would like more information about the plans or how you can give to support them then you can call them on 0161 736 4096 or email them. [/one_half_last][/row]