MHOP Team Meeting, Friday 8th July

We are excited to announce that we will be having an MHOP Team Meeting on Friday 8th July. As we look to expand our schedule in the future we want to get to know each other better and cast some vision for the future of MHOP. This meetings for people who are already a part of the team and for those who would like to serve on a team. There may be people who struggle to make it to the Friday meetings who would like to be involved but feel they can't, this meeting is for you too. As we plan meeting on other days/nights of the week it's vital we build a team of people who can serve at times other than the Friday evening meetings. We also want to stress that you don't need to be musical or even someone who wants to prayer lead, if the mandates and the aims of the house of prayer resonate with you then come along, be a part of the team in what ever way you can.

In this hour the Lord is raising up a people who will be like a priesthood, who will offer up their lives on the alter, through prayer and fasting, and we believe that what has begun as 2 hours of prayer every fortnight will grow into night and day prayer that will cover our city and see the the Lord break in to our nation. If you want to be a part of that and serve at MHOP then come along on the 8th.

Time and venue details will be confirmed soon but please let us know as soon as you can if you can make it so we can plan accordingly. Please email us at to let us know if you can make it. If you want to come but are unable to attend on the 8th then let us know and we meet up with you separately.