Intro Stories: Sara's Story

As part of MHOP we run a 6 month, part-time training program called Intro.  Our most recent course came to and end a few weeks ago and we wanted to share some stories from those who completed the course.

Here's Sara's story.

"For a couple of years I had  been watching and waiting for the Lord's green light into the new season for my life and journey with Him. From last summer I felt a deep assurance that He had brought things to a close and released me from past responsibilities and commitments but the new door was not yet open. I knew the direction was towards greater spiritual revelation and depth of intimacy with the Lord. Then I began to hear about INTRO with fresh ears and sense that this was where He wanted to place me.  I had seen the impact which it had had on certain lives and I was very excited about the potential for growth which seemed possible through INTRO.
I loved the course itself, the format, teaching, practical worship and prayer model and felt the Holy Spirit drawing me deeper into connection with Him, His Presence. I think the space and dedicated time given to encountering the personal Presence of the Spirit was the most powerful aspect of this 6 months. I received vision, discernment and encouragement on a regular basis throughout the duration of the course. It was an environment conducive to the hearing and receiving of God's Word and understanding of His purposes for my life and the lives of His body.
I feel the Lord has strengthened and consolidated my faith and spiritual understanding in this 6 months. I am asking Him to root these even deeper so that I will carry them forward with confidence in Him for the outworking of His purposes for my life regardless of personal or national circumstances. I feel this time has equipped me with resources for walking with security and trust into an unpredictable future and that the opportunity to remain connected with MHOP in a variety of ways gives me a vibrant and encouraging faith environment in which to continue growing and developing the disciplines and lifestyle which He desires for me. I am grateful for the grace and life which the Lord has released to me in this time and expect to find myself  continuing to be stretched by the Lord."

Come join us in September and strengthen your prayer life, be equipped for ministry and live a life of intimacy and encounter with Jesus.

Michael Ball

Husband, Father and Intercessory Missionary.