Intro Stories: Pieter's Story

pieters story-01.png

As part of MHOP we run a 6 month, part-time training program called Intro.  Our most recent course came to and end in June and we wanted to share some stories from those who completed the course.

Here's Pieter's story.

"I chose to do Intro because life was just about to get turned upside down (as my wife & I were starting a family), and we wanted to make sure that we managed to keep a clear hold on our priorities in faith & our vision for ministry together.  MHOP had already come to be a resource for our growth in prayer & vision, and I looked forward to a more dedicated season of being challenged in both devotional & corporate prayer, as well as a familiar context in which to spend time learning together about topics you don’t hear enough about.  

Both the community & the prayer we shared on Intro have been highly valued. During this time, sharing so freely about prayer, the things of God have come to sound more normal and natural.  More than anything else, God has spent this time purifying and re-orienting my vision for ministry - which is now less something that I am passionate about, and more something that He is passionate about & I am humbled to be able to play a part in!  Now I’m excited to see God work in establishing His vision for MHOP & we’ve been excited to go back to our home churches and continue discussions with them about how our new family can fulfil God’s purposes for us there."

Come join us in September and strengthen your prayer life, be equipped for ministry and live a life of intimacy and encounter with Jesus.

Michael Ball

Husband, Father and Intercessory Missionary.