Intro Stories: Anna's Story

As part of MHOP we run a 6 month, part-time training program called Intro.  Our most recent course came to and end in June and we wanted to share some stories from those who completed the course.

Here's Anna's story.

"When I first came to live in Salford last November, I didn't really have any idea what God wanted me to do here, apart from two very vague "callings" - to be present in the community that I was living in, and to pray and worship where I went. I've never seen myself as a natural 'pray-er', so this was pretty daunting, but I had just spent the last few months with some Christians in Ibiza that had something I wanted - a prayerful, worshipping, vibrant community that were very much present and active in justice and mission on the island. I knew that in order for all the 'things' I was going to do in my area to be worth it, I had to get plugged in to a prayerful community and make this a priority... thank goodness for MHOP and for their postponed Intro course that started just in time for me!

The teaching has been a fantastic grounding, helping me to assess everything that comes from moving to a new place through a different lens. The people on the course have been a real encouragement to me and have taught me a lot too. And we've had a lot of fun - the MHOP family are certainly not boring! I'm still working out the details of what exactly God has for me to do up here, but I have a far clearer understanding of what it looks like to be committed to praying and responding accordingly to what God is doing. However, it's a good thing I'm still going to be hanging around the MHOP guys for a while, because I'm pretty sure I'm going to need plenty of reminders to actually get on with it!

Intro is a very aptly named course, because it doesn't really finish at the end of the six months. We can't even scratch the surface of all there is to know about prayer, let alone God, within 6 months, but we might as well start somewhere. And it's well worth getting an introduction to this great bunch of people that are all seeking after God together. So if I were you... I'd do Intro."

The closing date for applications for September's course is 31st July (this Friday) so now is the time to get your applications in.

Come join us in September and strengthen your prayer life, be equipped for ministry and live a life of intimacy and encounter with Jesus.

Michael Ball

Husband, Father and Intercessory Missionary.