Being Family in the House of Prayer

Family is one of our greatest privileges and gravest responsibilities.  It’s in the family first that we demonstrate the value of prayer, and model devotion.  And yet, realistically, praying together as a family can be a challenge.  Come, encourage one another & be encouraged!  

Our family prayerwatches are a space where we can love & enjoy both God & our families!  Let your children’s prayer become fuel for your own devotion, and offer your prayers in their sight as kindling for the fire of their passion for God.

Building Something that Lasts.

We believe the House of Prayer is a place of sustained prayer and sustaining prayer.  In today’s world more than ever so much of what we strive for will be out of date before we get our hands on it.  Perhaps thats one reason why so many seem to struggle so much with being family. 

“From Generation to Generation …we will recount your praise.” Psalm 79:13 

During our Family Prayerwatch we will engage with God’s word creatively and imaginatively in a way that everyone can get involved with.  They are open for anyone to come to and we are really looking forward to seeing you there!

Starting from Monday 7th September, Our New Look Monday evening schedule is:

e are really excited about launching all this on Monday 7th September! We believe it positions us for growth as we continue to look to add to our schedule. We also want to invite you all to join us!  Come join us at our prayerwatches and partner in prayer or partner with us financially as we make this move.

Moving venues, changing our hours and providing food, all increases our overall running costs and we are still looking to raise an additional £500 a month to help us cover all of this.

Giving is a great way of supporting what we are doing even if you can't make it in person, it is a very valid way of being a part of building His house in Manchester.

You can make a one off donation or give monthly online though stewardship using the links below.  Every donation makes a difference, if just 25 people gave £20 per month then we would hit our target.  If everyone who read this email gave between £10-20 then we'd be on our way to being able to afford our own venue which would enable us to increase our schedule significantly!



Michael Ball

Husband, Father and Intercessory Missionary.