Announcing our New Schedule

Hi, we hope you're having a great summer!

We are excited to let you know about what's going on with MHOP and some things which will be happening in September.

Back in April we had Kirk Bennett from IHOP-KC with us and he spent some time with us vision casting and strategising how MHOP could develop.

What he shared was profound and we have spent the last few months unpacking it as well as giving much time in prayer to consider how MHOP might develop.  We felt like the Lord began to give us some clear paths to take and we are excited to finally share it all with you!


We are making some changes to the schedule of our prayerwatches and introducing some new elements.

Firstly, we are increasing our hours on a Monday to 6 hours, from 4-10pm.  This longer session give a better picture of what MHOP is and how it will grow.  Our current schedule of a 6-8pm devotional and 8-10pm prayerwatch will continue with new elements added from 4pm to complete the session.

As part of the 6 hours we are introducing a new Family Prayerwatch, from 4-5pm which will focus on engaging children and parents in prayer together.  It's vital that our children grow up understanding and practising prayer and one of the best ways for parents to enable their children in this is by modelling it and our family prayerwatches will be an opportunity for that in a fun environment. 

We are also giving an hour over to have a meal together.  From 5-6pm we'll have a open to anyone meal.  We picture those from the family prayerwatch staying on for some food and those that are coming to the later prayerwatches also joining us.  One area we have noticed that MHOP could improve is giving opportunity for those that come to the prayerwatches and those that serve to interact and get to know one another.  We hope that this will become a time of real community and value to everyone that comes.

With these changes we will be bringing our weekly Friday Night Prayerwatches to a close.  We will be launching monthly worship and teaching evenings on Friday Nights in Autumn.  More details to come soon!  Our other prayerwatches remain on their usual schedule.


As well as changing the schedule we're also changing venues.  We believe that the Lord has a permanent home of MHOP in the Wythenshawe area and with this in mind, feel it is time to be more intentional about where we meet. This means we will be moving our Monday nights from Mount Chapel to a new venue, Wythenshawe Community Church.  We want to take this opportunity to thank the elders and congregation at Mount Chapel for allowing us to feel so at home in their building over the last 3 years and whilst we may not be using their building, they remain an important part of MHOP's story.  We are also incredibly pleased to be moving to Wythenshawe Community Church, having held our Kirk Bennett conference there earlier in the year.

Our New Look Monday evening schedule is:

We are really excited about launching all this in September! We believe it positions us for growth as we continue to look to add to our schedule. We also want to invite you all to join us!  Come join us at our prayerwatches and partner in prayer or partner with us financially as we make this move.

Moving venues, changing our hours and providing food all increases our overall running costs and we are looking to raise an additional £500 a month to help us cover all of this.

You can make a one off donation or give monthly online though stewardship using the links below.  Every donation makes a difference, if just 25 people gave £20 per month then we would hit our target.  If everyone who read this email gave between £10-20 then we'd be on our way to being able to afford our own venue which would enable us to increase our schedule significantly!

Michael Ball

Husband, Father and Intercessory Missionary.