Continue to pray for the abolition of human trafficking in Scotland

Last night at our justice prayerwatch we partnered with Abolition Scotland in praying for a change in Scottish legislation and the ending of human trafficking in Scotland. We are aware that whilst many of you would support this cause you may not have heard about it, so here is the details of how you can support what they are doing.

Official Website:


On Twitter: @abolitionscot

How can you get involved?

1. Let people know about the campaign, especially anyone you know in Scotland.

2. Pray.  Find prayer points here.

3. Take action.  Regardless of where you are from you can make your voice heard on this issue.  Respond to the consultation here.

David Pawson at IHOP

As promised here is a quick update. At the last MHOP we prayed for Israel. Praying for Israel is one of our mandates at MHOP and we've been reminded of the importance o I the last week with some amazing teaching at IHOP by David Pawson, who for the last 60 years has been preaching the gospel of Jesus Christ with a deep love for God's chosen people. He spoken at a conference and then gave a week of seminars, all of which IHOP has put up on their website for free. The conference recordings can be found here and the seminars can be found here. There is so much content here that it seems a little overwhelming but I want to encourage you to listen to as much as you can because it will shape the way you pray for Israel and also how you pray for everything else! Of you want to find anymore info or resources from David Pawson the head to his website,

New Resources section available now!

As promised, we are pleased to announce that the resources section of the website is now available!  There you will find various resources we feel would be valuable plus we will put teaching notes up there for you to download as well.  You’ll also find our “Vision and Values” booklet which give a great overview of MHOP and explains the values behind MHOP.  For those of you who were at the training day on the 4th the Vision and Values book includes the values that Michael talked about plus a few other and details the vision and mandates of MHOP.